WTClass is the interface into the Angel LMS system hosted by WT and is essential to all students no matter what their major. It is a collaborative system that provides a centralized location for digital course material and assignments, communication between students, professors, and campus organizations, a calendar function, and a document repository designed to be used on modern browser software. The system requires the use of long-term memory and provides its own orientation to help users become more familiar with its features. Its use is intended for students and faculty in higher education and would exclude children and most older, adult users and also excludes any preferences for cultural diversity. The system is built with the ability to accommodate users with disabilities according to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act by the use of an accessibility wizard that allows a user to create a profile with settings that are specific to their unique disability. The user level can be adjusted to accommodate beginner, intermediate, and advanced users of the system. The LMS also has the capability to be viewed on PDA and handheld devices.


WTClass Interface

Basic WTClass Interface

WTClass Accessibility Wizard

Usability - Accessibility Wizard

WTClass Hardware Support

Usability - Hardware Diversity

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