What is IS? - Team Oahu

When someone asks me what IS actually is, I myself am lost for words when trying to describe it. There is so much that goes into what IS is and what people in an IS career do. I think that at it's most basic level, IS is the collaboration of information, people, and technology and creating a process that brings all that together into something meaningful to a business or group. The next phase, would probably be securing that information, and being able to present it as meaningful information.

I to believe that it is difficult to quickly describe what IS really is in a brief life discussion with an old friend or a girl your interested in and sometimes once you tell them computer information systems they are already ready to turn around and walk away. Because there is so much that goes into IS but also because CS and IT are also related to IS but i think all three work off one another. What i do believe though is that IS is the most important part because it's handling the information everyone wants and needs. Now don't get me wrong if not for CS we wouldn't be able to have the small, light weight laptops as powerful as a desktop or be able to to fix technical issues without IT but none of that matters without IS as the keystone. I say this because majority of the users are not IT or CS specialist but they are users that want to retrieve information and be able to effectively read and understand the information without having to decypher some code or input commands in the command prompt. I see CS and IT as changing parts of a machine and IS is the foundation because we are able to do the same things today as 5 - 10 years ago the only difference is how they are done and how fast they are done. IT feeds off of that because as the hardware changes so does the problems, you wouldn't fix a 2010 machine the same way you do a 1998 machine because they are build differently but the 2010 machine still has to be fixed. Now, as for IS, it never really changes, users want to be able to use the application quickly and efficiently and designing interfaces has never really changed either because you have to make them as easy as possible and as productive as possible for the user. The only thing that really changes is the data the interfaces handle which changes not only year to year but business to business.

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