Institutional Review Board Prototypes

IRB Prototypes


Director Viewing Primary Investigators and Project Information


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Prototype Implications

What implications do these prototypes have for various design process approaches?

  • Ethnographic Observation - our prototypes would reflect the subjective and objective observations that were made about the organization's socio-political culture, policies, and aesthetic preferences. However, a prototype developed with this type of methodology could inherit errors from poor observations, since there is a possibility that it may interfere with normal workplace routines.
  • Participatory Design - the prototypes that were developed could be used as examples or templates when presenting the proposed interface with the customer. This would allow the target users to discuss/critique the interface, therefore, enabling the rapid development of various trial designs based on the user feedback.
  • Scenario Development - the prototypes we developed would allow the designer to go step-by-step through various scenarios that may occur while the system is in use. This will allow the designer to identify problematic designs and process bottlenecks before the interface is fully developed and implemented.
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