Google Search Engine


It is very minimalistic, focusing more on the power of the search than flashy add-ins.

Eight Golden Rules

Golden Rules Rating Reasoning
Is consistent 5 The interface is very consistent throughout its many pages by always displaying the same banner across the top of the page that allows a user to quickly return to the home page or browse to several other locations including image search, video search, and even Google's own email service, Gmail.
Caters to universal usability 5 This interface gets very close to universal usability because of its simple start page and also its ability to create your own custom search page, iGoogle.
Offers informative feedback 5 Google is very good at giving useful feedback within searches. It will give the user suggestions if only a few search results are returned or if it believes that a word may be misspelled.
Provides dialogs that yield closure 3 There is really nothing that is saved within Google Search itself, so there are no dialogs that yield closure unless the user is using iGoogle, Gmail, or another Google service that requires a login. At this point, when the user logs out of the service, Google redirects them to the same page and the user is notified that they are no longer signed in by looking at the information in the top right corner of the page.
Prevents errors 5 Google Search Engine seems to have very few if any error problems. The application is accessed via a web browser so errors may occur within the web browser but rarely in the web application itself.
Permits easy reversal of actions 5 Google Search stores search history to easily return to recent searches. However, since it is accessed by a web browser, most web browsers also have the capability to move back and forth between recent pages and also store page history that can be accessed for as long as the browser it set to store the information.
Offers support for internal locus of control 5 Google provides simple search settings and also an advanced search for more experienced users who want to limit results. Also as mentioned before, iGoogle allows users to customize their start page how they want it, this gives the user the sense that they are in control of the application.
Reduces short-term memory load 5 In order to use Google, the user doesn't have to remember very much information other than what they want to search so the short-term memory load to use this application seems to be pretty low.
Total Score 38 Overall, the Google Search interface seems to be very consistent, reliable, customizable, and easy to use.



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